Big Brands and the Big Game

Can I say Super Bowl?

super bowl

Over the past few days I’ve noticed on TV and on the radio that a lot of people are intentionally avoiding using those two big words, the Super Bowl. Even now I’m not even sure if I can say the words. Will the NFL powers that be seek me out and tell me to remove them from my meager blog? Who knows. But it’s definitely interesting watching a TV show that is centered around the Super Bowl whose hosts can’t even say the words. Here a few big brands that I’ve noticed that have gotten creative (or not) with indirectly referring to the “Big Game.”

The Food Network

I was watching a show called The Kitchen on the Food Network. I’ve only watched it this one time, but it seems to me like they’re attempting to have a talk show about food. It’s a little weird. But anyway, when I was watching this show they were talking about the Big Game. Now they’re promoting the big game with a hashtag! (#biggame) mmk then.

Food Network(


Here’s one that’s even more hilarious. This is an ad from Tyson saying you can win tickets to the Big Game! Ohmahgah! But, wait. What Big Game?

TysonNew Castle Brown Ale

I’m sure you’ve all seen the video by now with Anna Kendrick saying New Castle can’t afford to make a “Super Bowl” commercial, but for those of you who haven’t, check out the website they made poking fun at their non-use of the words.

New Castle Big GameToyota

You would think that Toyota would be able to afford the rights to the exact words, but it looks like they may have opted to forgo that expense and jump on the Big Game bandwagon. There’s a video too.



And of course, we couldn’t forget Walmart. These penny pinchers are promoting a few good sales for Game Time. All we ask of the superstore is, please don’t run out of Velveeta!

Walmart Big Game Sale(


Here’s a funny one from Clorox I found on Facebook. This ad really makes you think…




And we thought we’d mention…

These Napkins


Now get back to work and don’t forget, the Puppy Bowl will be coming on this weekend on Animal Planet at 3 EST. That’s what’s most important.

Update: We now know why you can’t say the Super Bowl, but some people can, read it here.

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